Finding the best location can be one of the most challenging parts of retreat planning. You want to make sure the environment fits your needs and objectives. You may want a beautiful and peaceful spot for a short planning retreat. Or, you may want to try a resort and include golf and other activities. If you’re looking for a recognition trip for a special group of employees, consider a luxury vacation retreat. A Time N Place works with you to decide on the best environment and then does all the legwork in finding just the spot to make your retreat a success. If you decide to hold an onsite retreat we can help you plan that as well. Let Us Help!

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Retreats vary as widely as the people who go on retreat. Sites for a retreat include spas, cabins, monastery guest houses, hot springs, ashrams, zendos, and bed and breakfasts. Some people prefer to go to a non-place for a retreat, such as an isolated camping spot. A retreat can also include activities like vision quests and pilgrimages. Services for retreats range from fully catered organic meals, to facilities where you bring your own food and cook your own meal; from full room service, to not only having to make your own bed, but also change the sheets for the next guest; from expressive actions and singing during classes, to required silence at all times (but most retreats are very quiet places that focus on contemplation, even if group sessions get rowdy.)

Planning a retreat is a demanding process, however, with the right planning tools, and strategic partners, we can successfully plan and execute retreats.